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Air & Vac Replacement

Air & Vac Replacement That meets the "Diamond Standard."

Air and vacuum vending is valuable for gas stations and retail locations but requires maintenance for efficient operation. Diamond-U provides replacement parts to minimize downtime and increases income.  As a leader in the air compressor accessories industry, we add value to your equipment fleet.  

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Valve Relief
Part #: D11-650


Valve Replacement Kit
Part #: 6030


Why Choose Diamond-U’s Air Compressor Accessories, Fittings, and Vac Replacement Parts?

Many auto projects require plenty of energy, speed, and torque to run. All this is partly accomplished using air compressors and vacuum machines, which require top-notch maintenance services to enhance their efficiency.

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Essential Equipment Required for an Air Compressor to Function

Commercial air & vac vending is a valuable asset to a gas station, convenience store and general retail locations. Often highly visible from the street, customers needing these services will often be drawn to locations they hadn’t planned to stop at, opening the location up to further sales. In order for the location to deliver the service and maximize revenue both from vending and other sources, the commercial air & vac machines must be in working order.

Quality Diamond-U products assist to minimize machine downtime, maximizing vending and other potential revenue at the given location. Our comprehensive replacement components catalog provide long lasting solutions to all service aspects of the commercial air & vac industry.

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Component categories offered at Diamond-U include, but not limited to:

  • Custom Hose Assemblies
    • Steel Braided Air Hoses – Custom fitting configuration, at any length requested
    • Heavy Duty Coil Hose – Thrive outdoors & in tire / lubricant shops
    • Durable Vacuum Hoses, Nozzles & Cuffs
  • Compressors & Vac Motors - Multiple Models, Kits and Accessories
  • Industry Leading Air Gauges
  • Whip hose and gauge assemblies
  • Industrial Timers – Used in both Air & Vac Machines
  • Machine Metal Components
  • Hose Hangers, Cabinet Doors & Replacement Panels
  • Payment Towers
  • Complete Assemblies & Replacement Components

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Why our Products?

As our esteemed customer, we understand that you run a business too and would like to reduce your expenses. For this reason, we at Diamond-U act as both manufacturers and retailers of air compressor accessories. This ensures that no middlemen are involved in the distribution process. With decades of experience in the automotive manufacturing industry, you can rest assured of getting top-quality accessories from our stores.

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Vac Replacement Parts

It is financially detrimental for your business to get stuck due to a lack of parts to run the machinery. Unfortunately, vac parts wear out from time to time and often need to be replaced. Securing these parts can be a challenging activity.

At Diamond-U, we provide you with diverse vac replacement parts like motors for vac machines, stainless steel hanger brackets, vac hose couplers, cuffs, and more. We ensure that you get value for your money by providing you with durable accessories.

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Purchase Durable Vac Replacement Parts Today

Due to the harsh environment commercial air & vac machines operate in, frequent maintenance is often needed to sustain their efficiency and availability to its customers. At Diamond-U, we will provide you with top-quality air compressor accessories and fittings at the most competitive prices on the market. Looking for something you can’t find online? We probably have that too! Contact us today for solutions to all your service needs.

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