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Air Accessories

Air & Vac Replacement That meets the "Diamond Standard."

Air and vacuum vending is valuable for gas stations and retail locations but requires maintenance for efficient operation. Diamond-U provides replacement parts to minimize downtime and increases income.  As a leader in the air compressor accessories industry, we add value to your equipment fleet.  

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Advanced Tire Inflation Essentials Kit
Part #: Advanced 620


Tire Inflator Gauge, 10-90 Lbs
Part #: 900LW


1/4" Water Bibb
Part #: 8013


Chuck Dual Foot Regulator
Part #: D11-620


Coupler for Hose Vac- 2''
Part #: D11-222


Cuff for Hose Vac- 2"
Part #: D11-218


Duck Foot Vac Tool 2"
Part #: D11-243


Gauge Replacement Kit
Part #: 6028PSI


Hose Stopper for Hose on Retractor
Part #: D11-079


Tire Inflator Accessories & Air Accessories

Suitable tire inflators and air accessories can improve the performance of vehicles, air and vacuum machines, and other pneumatic systems at your service center, gas station or home garage. At Diamond-U, we are the leading manufacturing company for tire inflators, gauges and vacuum air accessories.

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What are Our Products?

Our leading product in the tire inflator accessories line is our tire inflator gauge. It provides an air calibration feature to inflate tires faster, consistently, and with precision calibration. At Diamond-U, you can get our premium tire inflator gauge 10-90 LBS for just $21.50.

If you own a gas station, utilizing Diamond-U Products immediately result in a more efficient Air & Water machine. Owners and operators often supply air & water services to their customers as a free utility. Using air accessories that require little to no maintenance offers peace of mind and hassle free service. Considering we manufacture most of what we sell, many air components and accessories we carry can be sold individually to repair parts in the field. You can be sure, even if the item may not be sold as a product on our website, we can find what you need from the vast assembly component list we have built over the last 100 years.

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Why Use Our Products?

Our Diamond-U tire inflator accessories will:

  • Boost your revenue by operating effectively and minimizing machine downtime
  • Provide a positive exposure to your brand, thus building brand loyalty
  • Improve the overall performance of your customers’ vehicles

If you own an industrial vacuum unit, our air and vac replacement parts can offer quick solutions to your maintenance needs. You can easily remove and pick up dirt on wet or dry surfaces with ideal accessories like the vacuum claw tool or rubber tip blow gun.

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Get Top-quality Accessories for Your Gas Station at Diamond-U

Do you want to equip your gas station with quality tire inflators, complete Air Machines, parts and other pneumatic accessories? At Diamond-U, we have everything you need. Please get in touch with us today to get a quote and buy our products at pocket-friendly prices.

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