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Crimpers & Dies

Crimpers & Dies That meets the "Diamond Standard."

Diamond-U manufactures durable and dependable crimpers and die parts. Our crimpers range from handheld units, perfect for in-field repairs or  heavy-duty freestanding ones, which can be used for in-house production. The quality of our die sets determines the crimp style and strength of the hose assembly.

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1-3/8" DIE SET FOR 3042 image
1-3/8" Die Set for 3042
Part #: 3042-18


1-5/16" DIE SET FOR 3042 image
1-5/16" Die Set for 3042
Part #: 3042-17


1-7/16" DIE SET FOR 3042 image
1-7/16" Die Set for 3042
Part #: 3042-19


1" DIE SET FOR 3042 image
1" Die Set for 3042
Part #: 3042-11


11/16″ Die set for 3041 image
11/16" Die Set for 3041
Part #: 3041-05


11/16" Die Set for 3042
Part #: 3042-01


13/16 END DIE SET image
13/16 End Die Set
Part #: 3050A


13/16" DIE SET FOR 3042 image
13/16" DIE SET FOR 3042
Part #: 3042-05


15/16" DIE SET FOR 3042 image
15/16" Die Set for 3042
Part #: 3042-09


Crimpers and Dies

Need a durable crimper and die set for your automotive or industrial repairs? We definitely have what you need. Diamond-U offers a wide range of time tested crimpers and dies to get your job done right. We manufacture different styles, including hand crimpers and heavy duty table top units used in various automotive and industrial applications.

Our pneumatic automotive hose crimpers and die crimper part sets, have been preferred across multiple industries due to their durability and efficiency.

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Pneumatic Hose Crimpers

Hose crimpers are tools used to build, repair and connect flexible hose and tubing by using metal fittings and hose ferrules. They are available in different sizes and styles, each providing different performance capabilities.

Diamond U pneumatic hose crimpers range from simple, handheld devices to heavy duty freestanding units often used as high-volume production crimpers or for technician use in the field for repetitive repairs and maintenance tasks. We offer various die sets to match your specific production or repair needs while using our pneumatic automotive hose crimpers.

When purchasing hose crimpers there are a few factors to consider. Crimp & die design, quality & durability, though often most importantly, ease of use thru the crimping process. Our crimpers are built with a heavy duty iron casting manufacturing process. The hardened slides offer a long service life while always providing a positive and effective crimp.

Our #3041 for example, provides production capability and crimping advantages at a considerable value compared to other tools delivering similar results.

At Diamond-U, we offer a broad selection of quality hose crimpers. Give us a call with any questions you may have. We can help you find the crimper and die set that works for your budget and meets the specific need.

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Dies Repair Parts

To find the best crimping die, you must consider the features that pertain to the shape and form you wish to attain.

Dies are what we like to think as the framing of any structure. A contractor can use quality dry wall and paint to build a good looking home, but without durable and strong structural support, any building will be as brittle as a house of cards! Our quality die sets are the component that determines the crimp style and strength of any hose assembly and repair.

Crimping dies and replacement parts produced by Diamond-U have been developed with superior quality materials to promote efficiency and durability. Diamond U dies slide in and out for a quick interchange while working on different types of hose. Our specialty dies have lasted the test of time while creating excellent hose assemblies and strong repairs.

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Buy Crimpers and Dies from Diamond-U

Interested in pneumatic automotive hose crimpers and die parts and sets? At Diamond-U, we have a broad crimper selection compatible with all of our product categories along with other accessories. Get in touch with us regarding any crimper questions or concerns. Our experienced team of representatives can also assist with any wholesale quote inquiries.

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