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Blow and Spray Gun

Part #: 2042

Non-Safety blow guns do not have a safety by-pass to prevent buildup of tip pressure in the event of tip blockage. They may be used for cleaning purposes only if the air supply (inlet pressure) has been reduced to 30 PSI or less.
Must be used on air lines having a maximum regulated pressure of 30 PSI in order to comply with OSHA Standard 1910.242

  • Maximum pressure of 30 PSI
  • Non-safety standard blow gun
  • Hose connections 1/4" FPT
  • 1/4" inlet tube fitting connector
  • Can be used to spray gasoline, kerosene, water or other non-congealing liquids.



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Weight 0.36596692 lbs
Dimensions 7.50000405 × 4.00000216 × 1.00000054 in

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