Over the last century, Diamond-U Products has proven to be a steadfast manufacturer and leading source in the pneumatic and automotive industry. Our company has served this industry since 1923 by providing high quality product and ensures that every part we manufacture meets our high quality standards. This is a standard that we continue to uphold today by directly manufacturing our core items. This gives us the ability to control every aspect of production as well as allowing us the ability to develop customized versions based on your specific needs.

Our experienced staff members have excellent product knowledge and offer superior customer service. Over the past several years we have expanded our capabilities to include distribution of an even large scoop of automotive hardware that includes Air and Water machines and accessories.


Diamond-U Inc. has been manufacturing tire inflators and water bibbs for the automotive service station business since it’s inception in 1923. That same year Diamond-U filed its first service tower patent to supply the automotive service industry with some of its first air and water towers.


Diamond-U Inc processed many patents during their early years including the original inflator gauge patent, which has become an industry standard.


Diamond-U Inc. expanded its product line by designing hydraulic braking systems for Oldsmobile for several models including the Oldsmobile Studebaker. During this same period, Diamond-U also assisted in the war effort by producing 50-calibre slugs for machine guns.


Diamond-U is purchased by ARO Corporation, formerly known as Service Equipment Company. In 1965 the company was purchased by Don Adams, who owned and operated the company for over 3 decades.


Diamond-U is purchased by its present day owners, making this only the 4th ownership in almost 100 years. Since this time, Diamond-U has expanded its manufacturing and distribution of air and water machine parts nationwide and services the largest customer in that industry.