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Diamond-U is the top manufacturer of pneumatic valve parts for over a century. Pneumatic valves control airflow and pressure in a pneumatic circuit. We create custom valve parts to suit your needs. Our valves come in standard and custom designs and sizes. We provide quotes, manufacture, and deliver high-quality parts.

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1/4" Barbed Tank Filler Valve
Part #: 8024


1/4" Bicycle Pump Fitting
Part #: 9002


1/4" Female Button Valve
Part #: 3204


1/4" Male Button Valve-hex
Part #: 3205


1/4" Tank Filler Valve Nickle Plated 1" Length
Part #: 8023


1/8" Tank Filler Valve Nickle Plated 7/16" Length
Part #: 8021


1/8" Tank Filler Valve X 3/4"
Part #: 8022


3/16" Bicycle Pump Fitting
Part #: 9001


Bleeder Valve Assembly Unit
Part #: 3206


Why choose Diamond-U to be Your Company’s Valve Parts Manufacturer?

At Diamond-U, we have been the leading pneumatic valve part manufacturer producing quality pneumatic valves for more than 100 years. We understand that you need valve parts that meet your requirements, which is why we take time to listen and customize our pneumatic valve parts to meet your needs. Most valve designs and sizes you need, we will quote, manufacture and deliver quality parts that exceed your expectations.

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What are Pneumatic Valves?

Pneumatic valves are components that are essential to control the amount of air flow and pressure across a pneumatic circuit. Pneumatic systems can be used to monitor and modulate the flow of air in industrial systems. In other applications, the air controls liquid media like water or oil inside the system. You can find these pneumatic systems in industrial applications like diesel engines, train doors, mechanical clamps, and automatic production lines.

When a pneumatic valve is used to control pressurized airflow, it does that at the source, thus regulating the rate of the air passage in a pneumatic circuit. You can choose to manually open and close the valve or use solenoids or motorized actuators to switch on the valve electronically.

When air is used to control oil, water, or any other fluid, the pneumatic valve controls the airflow throughout the system. The valves referred to in this scenario are known as pneumatically actuated valves.

Pneumatic valve parts come in different varieties depending on the:

  • Number of air entry and exit ports
  • Available switching positions
  • Position of the valve in an un-actuate state
  • The mechanism used to open or close the valve

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Which Valves Do We Offer?

At Diamond-U, we have every valve part you need for a typical pneumatic system, including:

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Need to Buy Valve Parts for Your Company? We can Help!

Do you want a custom valve for your pneumatic system? From single units to multiple valves, you can count on us at Diamond-U, a national valve part manufacturer to deliver the best there is in the industry. Contact us today to get a free quote within a short turnaround time.

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