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Blow Guns That meets the "Diamond Standard."

We manufacture and supply air blow guns in varying materials and device configurations to meet your needs. At Diamond-U, we prioritize longevity and durability when choosing what products to manufacture. Our blow gun kits include quick change nozzle features.  Our product mix offers a wide range of applications from high pressure blow guns to high viscosity siphon spray guns.   

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1/4 Utility Valve
Part #: 2050A


7" Angled Blow Gun Without Safety by-pass
Part #: 2039


Aluminum Die Cast Standard Blow Gun Without Safety by-pass
Part #: 2036


Blow and Spray Gun
Part #: 2042


Blow Gun Kit With Quick Change Features
Part #: 2000K


Conical Blow Gun (Nm)
Part #: 2005


Conical Blow Gun, Rubber Tip
Part #: 2007


Neoprene Nozzle
Part #: 2067


Rubber Tip Standard Blow Gun Without Safety by-pass
Part #: 2032


Pneumatic Blow Gun Kits & Air Blow Gun Product Accessories

Our customers rely on us as their trusted manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of pneumatic components. We have specialized in the Diamond-U line of Blow Guns for years and offer a vast selection. Some of these offerings include blow gun kits, blow gun accessories, safety blow guns and nozzles and siphon spray guns, just to name a few.

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Diamond-U’s Pneumatic Product Accessories

Whether you want to repair a failing air blow gun product or need a new quality unit that can meet your daily workload, Diamond-U has what you need to get the job done. We produce a wide range of different styles varying in material choices and device configuration to meet your specific requirements.

At Diamond-U, we understand the work associated with assembly line production and manufacturing. Our blow gun kits offer simple, yet effective solutions to maximize efficiency in your business facility or home repair shop. For example, our 2000k pneumatic blow gun kit includes our popular “hooked” Diamond-U Blow Gun Body with 5 quick change nozzles to handle the task at hand.

Longevity and durability are primary concerns when we decide which products to manufacture at our facility. We can confidently say that any pneumatic product or accessory you purchase from Diamond-U will not disappoint or quickly fail. We routinely get emails and requests for Diamond-U repair kits for products that were produced in the 1950s. These customers often find these items in their grandparent’s tool box and use them for years! Our customers do not hesitate when purchasing our products because they have been fully developed and tested to withstand different industrial environments, thus making Diamond-U their trusted partner in the industry.

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Pneumatic Fittings

Diamond-U has a wide variety of pneumatic fittings with quality features that make up our pneumatic blow gun kit. We have set the standard in many aspects of the air industry to maximize efficiency of our products since our inception in 1923. We also carry many other accessories to mount, wire, clamp, cut, or plumb pneumatic tubing and other components required to navigate numerous system challenges.

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Begin Working with Blow Gun Kits and Pneumatic Accessories from Diamond-U

With the current market flooded with counterfeit and sub par air blow gun products, finding authentic and reliable pneumatic accessories can be challenging. However at Diamond-U we can assure you we manufacture quality products at competitive prices. Please get in touch with us today today to get a quote and or request samples to test how our products align with your given application.

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