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Couplers & Connectors That meets the "Diamond Standard."

For almost a century, Diamond-U has provided quality fittings such as couplers, connectors, barbs, and plugs. We offer several types of couplers including our very own Diamond-U Ball-Tite swivel-type coupler that has become an industry standard over time.  We proudly hold a wide range of couplers and connectors applicable for compressed air lines for your specific industrial needs.

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1/2” Connector 3/8” Fpt
Part #: 1085


1/2” Connector 3/8” Mpt
Part #: 1083


1/2” Female Connector
Part #: 1086


1/2” Female Coupler
Part #: 1082


1/2” Male Connector
Part #: 1084


1/4" Female Brass Coupler
Part #: 1097


1/4” Connector 3/8” Mpt
Part #: 1043


Couplers & Connectors

The automotive industry demands superior products and accessories due to the harsh conditions to which the machines are exposed. We understand that the material for any air coupling system is critical as it directly affects the chemical resistance and durability of the whole system, not only the price of the component or overall assembly.

Diamond-U Industrial Couplers & Plugs connect tubes, hoses, or pipe sections in a pressurized gas or pneumatic system. This system consists of two sections, the male part (plugs/connectors) and the female part (quick coupling or coupler).

We at Diamond-U have been manufacturing top-quality pneumatic and automotive products, couples, and connectors as well as other air accessories for technicians for nearly a century. Our focus is offering a reliable collection of quality couplers, connectors, barbs & plugs along with a wide range of different fittings to meet customer needs.

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Several different styles and categories we carry are listed below:

  • The Original Diamond U Series 1/4"
  • Automotive Standard Series 1/4” – 3/8” – 1/2”
  • Lincoln Series 1/4”
  • Industrial Interchange Series 1/4” – 3/8” – 1/2”
  • The Aro Series 1/4” – 3/8”
  • Straight Thru Couplers 1/4” – 1/2”
  • Pneumatic Universal Couplers 1/4"

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Industrial Couplers & Automotive Couplers

Our products utilize advanced plated couplers with hardened steel balls and stainless steel plugs to ensure high efficiency. We combine expertise with our many years of experience to develop customized industrial connectors and automotive couplers to meet specific system needs.

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Industrial Connectors & Automotive Connectors

Our pneumatic connectors, plugs and fittings are used to join or connect Air Hose subsections to satisfy the given automotive or industrial application. Connectors are often used where there is a likelihood of disconnecting the subsections in the future. The items included in this Diamond-U product line are rated at 300 PSI to offer our customers a wide range of industrial and automotive solutions.

Pneumatic connectors are used in automotive or industrial assemblies that are often open to the elements. Our quality connectors will withstand dust and moisture from most industrial environments. To achieve this longevity and reliability, we offer tough connectors that are resistant to harsh environmental conditions. All of our connectors and plugs are heat treated to reduce wear on critical mating surfaces.

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Purchase Couplers & Connectors from Diamond-U

If you’re interested in our quality industrial couplers and connectors, let our experts at Diamond-U help you with a customized solution to suit your unique requirements. These custom assemblies will be fully assembled and tailor-made by experts on our factory floor. These customized solutions will arrive at your facility “plug and play” ready to minimize any disruption in service to your personal or professional application. Please visit our site to learn more about industrial and automotive couplers, or call us directly to discuss your needs with our professionals.

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