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Closed Chuck

Fittings & Chucks That meets the "Diamond Standard."

Diamond-U manufactures high-quality tire inflator chucks and air fittings that are essential tools for optimal tire inflation. Our products come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit different types of vehicles and tire valves. They can be used in various manufacturing and machining applications.

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Ball Foot Chuck With Clip-closed
Part #: 6047


Ball Foot Chuck-female Closed
Part #: 6043


Ball Foot Chuck-male
Part #: 6067


Brass dual foot lock on chuck - Closed Image
Brass Dual Foot Lock on Chuck - Closed
Part #: 6071-B


Dual Foot Lock on Chuck- Closed
Part #: 6071


Dual Straight- on Chuck
Part #: 6074


Straight Chuck-closed
Part #: 6063


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