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Crimping Tool

Crimpers & Dies That meets the "Diamond Standard."

Diamond-U manufactures durable and dependable crimpers and die parts. Our crimpers range from handheld units, perfect for in-field repairs or  heavy-duty freestanding ones, which can be used for in-house production. The quality of our die sets determines the crimp style and strength of the hose assembly.

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Ultimate Handheld Hose Repair Kit
Part #: Vgrip 3047


13/16 END DIE SET image
13/16 End Die Set
Part #: 3050A


3/4 End & 3/4x31/64 Die Set
Part #: 3049A


3/8" End Die Set
Part #: 3051A


7/16 End Die Set for 3043
Part #: 3048A


V-Grip Type Crimper - 2 Opening 2 Dies for 1/4 Inch & 3/8 Inch Hose
Part #: 3047


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