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Air & Vac Replacement That meets the "Diamond Standard."

Air and vacuum vending is valuable for gas stations and retail locations but requires maintenance for efficient operation. Diamond-U provides replacement parts to minimize downtime and increases income.  As a leader in the air compressor accessories industry, we add value to your equipment fleet.  

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Heavy Duty 25' Coiled Hose For Air/water Machines
Part #: D11-070


Bend Restrictor, 1/4" Hose
Part #: 524ST-G


Hose Air High Temp 1/4-44'' Mp
Part #: 524-44


Air Hose, 1/4 X 25'
Part #: 524ST-25A


Hose, Air Hi-temp, 1/4x22 Mpt
Part #: 524-22


Vacumn Hose 2'' X 15' image
Vacumn Hose 2'' X 15'
Part #: D11-215


Premium Quality Diamond-U Air Compressor Whip Hoses and Vacuum Hose Replacement Parts

Diamond-U has been a trusted source since inventing the above ground commercial air machine in the 1920’s. Diamond-U has always provided our customers with superior quality Air Hoses & Air Compressor Whip Hoses for the industrial Air & Water service station Industry. Considering these hoses are exposed to the elements, our heavy duty quality greatly extend the useful life of these components.

We stock standard hoses and replacement parts while also being able to create customized assemblies to meet your specific industry need. Any hose length or fitting combination you need, let us know! Being the Manufacturer and Retailer gives Diamond U product flexibility most competitors cannot match.

Our steel braided air hoses and heavy duty coiled hoses are best in class products that thrive outdoors. Tire & auto service shops routinely use our products and have even longer lifespans considering their indoor use.

Whip hoses are short hoses often attached to an Air Inflator. Its primary role is to increase the lifespan of the main hose while reducing the weight of the entire hose assembly to limit users’ fatigue. Users can easily guide the blow gun while inflating or spraying with a hose whip since there’s less pressure transferred to their hand.

Industrial vacuum units also thrive using our durable vacuum hoses, and Vacuum Hose Replacement Nozzles & Cuffs.

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Protection for Your Workers and Equipment

At Diamond-U Products, we have various accessories to help withstand abrasion and protect your employees from work-related injuries. Options and accessories such as heavy duty coil hoses, nylon sleeves, and hose bend restrictors, are all products we supply to our customers every day.

Our hoses are assembled with proven components to compliment your whole pneumatic system. Our customers have confidence they’re enhancing employee safety while at work by using Diamond U products. Conducting routine inspections of their pneumatic equipment is quick and easy when quality components are being utilized in each sub section of a pneumatic system. An example of an accessory we utilize at Diamond-U are the ¼” hose bend restrictor that firmly secures hose ferrules and fittings extending the useful life of the hose, keeping your business moving forward.

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Get Superior Air Compressor Whip Hoses and Vacuum Hose Replacements Today

If you are looking for proven parts for your Air Machine, Auto Service Shop or Industrial Vacuum we at Diamond-U Products are the one-stop supplier you need to consider. Vacuum hose replacements and our Air Compressor Whip Hoses are guaranteed to meet your quality standards and provide top-notch safety for your workers. Please get in touch with us todayto speak to one of our representatives and get a free quote.

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