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Ferrules That meets the "Diamond Standard."

Diamond-U is the leading manufacturer and supplier of ferrules. We use only high-quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure our products meet your needs. Regardless of the quantity you are looking for, we can fulfill your order quickly based on our extensive inventory. Our skilled staff can even make custom solutions for your unique project requirements.

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.478 Id Brass Ferrule
Part #: 3083


.500 Id Brass Ferrule
Part #: 3084


.525 Id Aluminum Ferrule
Part #: 525L


.525 Id Steel Ferrule
Part #: 525S


.525 Short Brass Ferrule
Part #: 7323-S


.527 Id Brass Ferrule (04-00063)
Part #: 3085


.550 Id Aluminum Ferrule
Part #: 550L


.562 Id Brass Ferrule 04-00064
Part #: 3086


.593 Id Brass Ferrule
Part #: 3087


Hydraulic Hose Ferrule And Ferrules Manufacturer

If you are looking for high-quality ferrules for your pneumatic hose project or repair, shop a vast online selection at Diamond-U. We offer different types of quality ferrules available at a range of prices, lengths and materials to cover your need.

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Why Choose Diamond-U’s Ferrules?

Diamond-U is the leading manufacturer and source of ferrules. Our ferrules are made from top-quality material and craftsmanship to ensure they deliver maximum value to users. As a premium ferrule manufacturer, we strive to offer products that meet our customer’s needs.

Our ferrules are made and tested by our own experts at Diamond-U. Whether you’re looking for a single piece or want to make a bulk order, we can process your order fast. Our skilled staff can also create a custom solution to suit your project’s unique needs.

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What Is a Ferrule?

Ferrules are cylindrical components used in different hose applications. These parts are often used in conjunction with pneumatic fittings to secure ends of an airline and minimize wear and tear. In our case, ferrules reinforce support in pneumatic systems, including air and water hose assemblies.

A proper ferrule used to seal and fasten will offer further longevity to each hose assembly ensuring you and your team continue progress. A secure crimp is needed to ensure ferrules are properly utilized. Quality crimpers are also manufactured at Diamond-U.

We understand that not all ferrule projects are the same, which is why we provide various ferrule materials and specifications to meet different unique needs.

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The Types of Ferrules that Diamond-U offers

  • Aluminum Ferrules
  • Brass Ferrules
  • Manifold Ferrules
  • Steel Ferrules

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Shop Quality Ferrules at Diamond-U

Ready to purchase? Shop our huge selection of ferrules today at the most competitive price. Whether you’re purchasing a standard hose ferrule, hydraulic ferrule, or any other type, we have everything you need. Contact us to let us know if you would like a single ferrule or wholesale order.

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