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Interior Components

Air & Vac Replacement That meets the "Diamond Standard."

Air and vacuum vending is valuable for gas stations and retail locations but requires maintenance for efficient operation. Diamond-U provides replacement parts to minimize downtime and increases income.  As a leader in the air compressor accessories industry, we add value to your equipment fleet.  

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12" Steel Braided 1/4" Whip, Wrapped Hose, 1/4" Steel Rigid Chuck
Part #: 6036W


Part #: D11-103


Counter Impulse, 12v
Part #: D33-303


Dirt Bin With Thick Rubber. 8.25" Dia
Part #: D11-935


90 Degree Female Swivel Fitting
Part #: D11-031


Intergrated Timer - Infitec Vend 2000
Part #: D33-034


Momentary Push Button Switch
Part #: D33-200


Power Supply,rf Remote,12vdc W
Part #: D33-010-K


Receiver, Remote,rf 900mh
Part #: D33-301-K


Why Choose Diamond-U’s Air & Water Machine Interior Components for Air & Vac Machines?

Water and air machine interior components are essential accessories to maintain continuous operations at your car wash or business facility as a convenience to your customers. Whether or not the business owner choses to charge customers for air or not, machine owners want to simply know the station is in working order. Want to ensure your service station is using best in class, long lasting components? You can rest easy knowing Diamond-U will have the parts you need on hand anytime your machine is down.

At Diamond-U, we offer a wide range of water machine interior components and air machine options with different price points. Over the years, Diamond-U has built an outstanding reputation as a premier and the leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality pneumatic components. Over the years as more Diamond-U Products were used in the service station industry, we met customer needs by further expanding our offerings in the space to become your one stop shop for anything air and water!

Whether you're looking for a single unit or multiple components, we can process your order and ship products directly to your door, generally within 24 hours. Additionally, if you need custom components to suit the needs of your facility's air and vac machines, we produce customized solutions to suit every machine's unique need.

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What are the Benefits of Having Air and Water Machine Interior Components at Service Stations?

  • Improve customer experience – Having the quality parts to keep your air and water machines running 24/7 drastically improve the bottom line for our customers. Not to mention helping keep customer cars' interior clean and tire pressure up at all times, increasing customer satisfaction and overall loyalty.
  • Convenience – Using Diamond-U Products and components for your location offers convenience to both customers and owners.
  • Enhance customer retention due to consistent products & services. As communities gain confidence in the convenient store location, traffic increases, along with overall profitability!
  • Streamline operations at your service station trusting Diamond-U components to maintain the location with an “out of sight” mentality from management & staff.

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Examples of Diamond-U Interior Machine Components

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Purchase Top-quality Air & Water Machine Interior Components from Diamond-U

Sold on Diamond-U and ready to stock up? Explore our numerous options of interior parts for your air and vac machines on our website, or give our customer service staff a call if you can’t find what you are looking for. Chances are, we have it!

Regardless of the size or type of your order, be sure we can handle it, anything from wholesale quotes to customized products. Please get in touch with us today”, and our sales representatives will get back to you right away.

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